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A hub of restorative and progressive fitness, Fettle has been created to help map your health and fitness journey, for you, at your pace, from your level,  for your wellbeing.

Fettle is brought to you by certified and registered personal trainer and mum of 3, Candice.

Candice has a passion for helping others through movement and  endevours to share her passion with others and  create an inclusive community focused on the positive effects of exercise for our health  both mentally and physically.


Candice is on a mission to specialise in Postnatal restorative fitness. After "surviving" severe postnatal depression Candice found that movement has such a profound effect on her recovery that she is now using her story to help other mums. *Check our Mums Club.



Certificate of Personal Training from Fit Futures NZ

Certified with the  Puff Fitness Postnatal Recovery Programme

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